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Digital Design

Let Spatial Applications perform your digital design and leverage our expertise and experience into your product. With decades of design background and a constant education process, we have a background of where digital design came from and where it is going.

Digital Design

Microprocessor based designs

We perform custom embedded processor designs using Texas Instruments MSP430F family of processors, Atmel AVR and Microchip PIC processors. We have a full range of compilers, linkers and loaders. Low power design and battery-operated designs are a specialty of ours.
Code is written as fully documented and commented code. Software verification is performed through Static and Dynamic Verification.

FPGA based designs

We use VHDL as the programming language for Lattice and Xilinx FPGA’s. Designs using FPGA’s have ranged from software-defined radio, wired communications interfaces and high performance computing.

Digital Signal Processing

Spatial Applications has a particular expertise in the simulation, design and testing of DSP based designs. We have designed RFID (13.56MHz) based receivers and digital GPS receivers using DSP techniques. Digital modulation/de-modulation and digital filter design can be performed to your specifications.